Residential Concrete 101:

All our driveways include the following.

  1. Demolition, removal, and recycle of waste materials.
  2. Provide solid soil preparation by importing road base as needed. Also mechanically compacting up to 90% density, filling all voids to establish a strong , dense, compacted base for concrete driveway pour.
  3. Re-sloping soils for proper water drainage as needed.
  4. Full industrial grade 4000 psi concrete mix.
  5. 1-2 days completion on most residential driveways.

Cleaning Your New Concrete Driveway.

Remove stains immediately.
While a sealer will help to protect concrete from stain absorption, it’s still a good idea to remove oil, gasoline, grease and other spills as soon as possible. If the concrete does discolor, pressure washing and certain cleaning chemicals will remove most stains. Driveways are subject to staining from oil and gasoline. Fresh oil stains can often be removed using plain dish soap and a scrubbing brush. Avoid wire brushes, since these can scratch and erode concrete surfaces. Apply a bit of soap and use some elbow grease to pick up the stain. You can rinse the area with your garden hose or apply kitty litter to absorb the oil and soap for easy disposal. The latter method is usually preferable for larger stains to avoid contaminating the lawn or street. Older stains may require the use of a pressure washer to get them out completely.

Ice and Snow Removal.

Remove snow from the surface of your driveway as soon as possible, because the freezing and thawing process can cause cracking in your concrete. Avoid using de-icing chemicals, since the chemicals can penetrate the concrete surface and cause damage underneath. While rock salt may not harm your driveway directly, it can harm vegetation in your yard and corrode metal. The best way to add traction to an icy driveway is through the use of kitty litter or sand. If you are resealing your driveway in the fall, you will go far in protecting your concrete from the harmful effects of a snowy winter.
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